Commercial Inspections

Commercial buildings need inspections just like any other type of property.

Our team of experienced and certified inspectors will thoroughly evaluate the condition of the building, identifying any potential issues that could impact the value or functionality of the property. With our comprehensive report, you’ll have the information you need to make an informed decision and negotiate repairs or maintenance with the seller. Don’t risk making a costly mistake – hire CRM Inspections for your commercial building inspection needs.

Benefits of a Commercial Building Inspection

A commercial building inspection can be useful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To ensure that the building is safe for occupants and meets all necessary building codes and regulations.
  • To identify any concerns that could impact the building's value or functionality.
  • To provide a basis for negotiating repairs or maintenance with the seller before purchasing a building.
  • To provide a record of the building's condition for future reference.
  • To help with planning renovations or other improvements to the building.

Full Commercial Services

  • Commercial Building Inspections (Buyer and Seller)
  • Accessibility Inspections (ADA)
  • Office Real Estate Inspections
  • Industrial Building Inspections
  • Multifamily Property Inspection
  • Hospitality Real Estate Inspections
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection
  • Retail Property Inspection
  • 11-Month and Annual Inspections
  • Luxury Home Inspection or Estate Inspections
  • Infrared Scanning Inspections
  • Moisture Intrusion Inspections
  • Triple-Net Lease Inspections


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